Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Science of Over the Edge: Hoverbikes Coming Soon to a Dealer Near You

In Over the Edge, characters drive hovercars and light duty trucks and remotely operate "robo eyes" or release autonomous "robo eyes" or "snooper robos" which are essentially drones. These robotic devices are used to gather information, dispense medicine, triage patients, complete basic medical physicals and conduct blood, urine, breath and skin sampling and testing. They can also defend their users from attack or attack assigned targets. Snooper robos are used for spying and forensic purposes.

Robo eyes or snooper robos are spherical and covered entirely by video projectors and cameras. The video cameras not only gather visual information, but transmit what they "see" to projectors making the devices practically invisible to all but the most experienced observers. They can operate autonomously or be remotely controlled via mind control or computer interface. 

Lexus, more commonly known for automobile manufacturing, has recently announced that it has developed a magnetic hoverboard prototype. A short teaser video can be found elsewhere on the web, unfortunately, doesn't show anybody demonstrating its use or I would post the video here. However, a UK company has developed a hoverbike which the US military will soon purchase and employ in a variety of situations. (Videos posted below.)

In Over the Edge, hover passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks navigate either by computer control or by user control in hover lanes above already traveled ground lanes--layered travel lanes. Urban hove vehicles are limited, by law, to designated hover areas (laws are made to be broken, right?).

Hoverbikes featured in the video below and for use here on earth employ the same kind of rider/machine control as a motorcycle. The rider leans to one side or the other to effect a turn. While hovercycles also exist in Over the Edge, hovercars are similar to vehicles found in earth's 21st century in their appearance and seating capabilities, most are outfitted to double as ground automobiles.(Yes, the back-end of two horses is the galactic standard width for cars, trucks and all hovercraft just as it is here on earth for everything from buggies, to Conestoga wagons to automobiles and trucks to NASA's spacecraft.)

Click this link for more: The Telegraph reports: US Soldiers Could Soon Use UK Developed Hoverbikes

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