Thursday, July 01, 2010

Flying Cars: The Science of Over the Edge

The "Transition" flying car by Terrafugia isn't a hover model, but it both flies to the airport and trundles down the interstate back home to your private garage. For only $194,000 you can own one of these beauties. The vehicle is only a two seater, so you won't be taking the kids along any time soon, but it could be a great date car! Just think... leave your home in the boonies and head off to Chicago for a show, drive to the show, enjoy yourself and head back home afterwards...sounds pretty cool. And maybe a lot cheaper than other alternatives.

In Over the Edge characters gad about in hover cars which have mechanisms within them that repel or attract to gravity depending on whether the driver wants to go up into the sky or come back down to the ground. Since we don't really understand gravity at all, this type of car is a long way off. But, it's great to know that a flying car is finally within reach for us earth bound mortals.

Terrafugia Makers of Transition the Flying Car
 Photo credit: Terrafugia