Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Science of Over the Edge: Invisibility

The World's first invisible skyscraper

In the Over the Edge series Minan character employ technology called "chameleon battle skin" which makes them invisible to all forms of detection except physical touch. Robo eyes and snooper robos used in "low tech" (places where infra-red and x-ray detection will not be deployed) settings use micro cameras and screens to hide in plain sight. In Seoul, Korea, builders are now at work constructing the first invisible skyscraper which will use this same technology to hide in plain sight. Because the tower will use cameras and screens to create the illusion of invisibility, they can also turn the entire building into a movie screen or add images to the scenes picked up on one side of the building and projected to the other side. Local birds and airplanes might not find this innovation quite so thrilling.

Photo credit: businessinsider.com
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Science of Over the Edge: Micro-needles

In Over the Edge when patients in hospitals need medication, rather than using an IV, doctors use micro-needles, which are essentially gelatin pads embedded with tiny needles that feed the medication from the gel into the patient. When the needle embedded pad is applied to the person, a measured amount of medication is contained within the gel pad. The gel pad's outer layer protects the gel and the medication from normal wear and tear, which includes bathing. This article features a similar product, but in this case, the "microneedle patch" is absorbed into the body over time.

Give Yourself the Flu Vaccine

Friday, September 06, 2013

Science of Over the Edge: 3D Designing and Printing

In the Over the Edge series characters use a "facsimile" machine to create everything from documents identical to the original right down to the fibers and oils found in the paper to garments created beginning with generating the fiber on up. Virgin Galactic designers posted this video explaining the innovations they are developing to facilitate design and fabrication: