Monday, December 17, 2012

Give Her the Stars, the first in the Over the Edge romance series, was released for most e-book formats on December 14th, 2012.

Elise Ramos, divorced mother of two-year old Max, flees her stifling apartment one mid-morning in July after her controlling ex-husband, Gabriel's distressing visit--the latest in a series that will likely stretch into the future. She's standing outside a used clothing store longing for a better life and contemplating the awful reality of fading dreams, working retail to pay off her student loans when she realizes someone has been staring at her.

At first, Elise can't believe the handsome man with the lisping Spanish accent has eyes only for her, but once it's clear he can't be looking anywhere else, she turns to run. He follows her, apologizing and saying he's certain he's met her somewhere before. Elise introduces herself and he admits he does not recognize her name, but then, he asks he if can Max a lemonade. 

Hope begins kindling in Elise's heart when Lendar asks her for a date to the aquarium. But, she's afraid to give him her address, so she proposes she meet him there. When he discovers Elise is worried about finishing her final painting and sketchbook for her art classes, he offers to help. The man is thoughtful and kind! The date segues into dinner, but when Lendar brings her home, a drunken Gabriel is waiting, knife in hand ready for a fight. And Lendar proves himself heroic too!

But strange things happen around Lendar. He wears a wrist watch that displays video feed from surveillance cameras; he flicks his hand and Gabriel's fellow attacker, Javier, falls to the ground and his Cadillac Escalade drives up the hill by itself. When her friend and neighbor, Bruce, calls Lendar a liar and she is forced to admit there are many things about Lendar that aren't quite right, Elise's doubts and fears increase. She knows Gabriel will not give up; humiliation will only drive him to more violent measures--even kidnapping and murder!

Give Her the Stars is the story of finding hope, trusting God and learning to let go of the past. Give Her the Stars is available in most e-book formats, PDF and HTML reading through the distributor: "Give Her the Stars": read sample or purchase

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