Monday, February 04, 2013

Explorer vs. Firefox

Apparently my blog has severe problems when viewed in Explorer.

The other day, when I wanted to obtain a copyright for my book, Give Her the Stars, I visited the US copyright website and was quickly frustrated. After a couple of hours and a phone call to my computer tech son, who was frustrated more quickly than I was, I finally discovered a step by step (for total idiots) video explaining how to obtain a copyright. After watching the first few seconds I knew my problem: the website has to be used through Explorer in order to function. Once I opened the website in Explorer, obtaining a copyright was easy.

Did I mention that I discovered that this blog isn't half what I see in Firefox when I open it in Explorer?

I have objections to Explorer.

My reasons are probably irrational.

Doesn't Microsoft run enough of the world already?

Can't all you wonderful readers just get Firefox?

I wonder if I have the same problem when the blog opens in Chrome?

I'll have to find out.

I found out. Chrome works.

I had a friend who uses Mac check. He says Apple works.

So, maybe you people who use Explorer should think about finding a new web browser and save Explorer for government sites.
Red Panda, National Geographic photo