Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Science of Over the Edge: Flying Cars

The link above takes you to a story about the flying cars, but which also includes "Ten Wild Ways to Travel in the Future." But given the present regulatory attitude of the United States, is there anyone out there who really believes ordinary Joes will every be permitted to own a flying car? It's just too easy to kill yourself and someone else with one of those suckers and we can't have that! We are all about safety and security, not about risk taking and innovation these days. If the modern automobile were invented today nobody would be allowed to ride it. Heck, horses are dangerous. We probably wouldn't be allowed to ride them either. Everybody walk!

Humans, if allowed to pursue their dreams, will keep on inventing and finding ways around The Man, that is big, intrusive government. The Slovakian Areomobil, pictured below, is the latest development.  And, the US-based Terrafugia's "Transition" flying car, which was featured in an earlier post on this blog (July 1, 2010), plans to introduce their flying car to the market within a year. We may not have our rocket packs, but it looks like we will have our flying cars!

Photo credit: news.discover.com

In Over the Edge characters drive hover cars, which though similar in that they are also equipped with wheels for on-road travel, use an entirely different means of propulsion.

 Image credit: News.Discovery.com