Monday, June 16, 2014

Warp Drive, Gravity and Passenger Spaceships

If you can create a warp drive that rides a wave of bent time/space, how do you jump start it and more importantly, how do you turn it off? The leading edge of the wave is not in your time. The proposed design places passengers in a time bubble within a large ring. The time bubble operates on home time while the ring rides a wave of space/time. For more, read the article below:

NASA's interplanetary space ship design

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 In the Over the Edge series Candan Rubeek is the primary inventor of the gravitational drive, a system that employs gravity to propel ships to near light speeds. Admittedly this author has no idea, at this time, precisely how that might work except to say that it pushes against and pulls depending on the chosen direction--like a magnet pushing and pulling against another magnet. If you've ever played with super strong magnets you know you can get quite a bounce when you force the magnets resisting ends toward one another.

Though we can say a lot of things about gravity, we still don't understand it. In this video we come right to the edge of the answer to the big question, "What is gravity?", and then veer back into known territory again. Why? Because we don't know what gravity is! Check it out, it is worth the watch:

Virgin Galactic is the front leader in the creation of passenger spaceships. The most interesting bit of information for me in the clip featured below is how the ships are constructed without rivets or welds:

An insider's look at Virgin Galactic's passenger space ship