Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Stealth coatings: The science of "Over the Edge"

Fans of Over the Edge know about Minan Chameleon Battle Skin--well it's about to become a reality. Researchers at New Mexico State University are working on aircraft coatings that "deflect radio waves, thus making them invisible to electronic tracking devices, but still visible to the human eye," says the New Mexico State University magazine "Research."

In the spring 2005 edition of the magazine "Research" also reported collaborators at Wake Forest University and the University of Florida were working on nanotechnology to "develop intelligent coatings that will enable aircraft to change colors like a chameleon to blend in with the background..." These researchers are also working on a coating that will bend light in such a manner that will make it difficult to see objects covered in the coating.

geosynchronous orbital satellites were first conceived by a master science fiction writer. So, hey...we'll see what else develops.

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